You Are Invited

Living Stones

Every day I am astonished by / how little I know, and discouraged,
obedient as I am to the demand to / know more — always more.
But then there is the slow seep / of light from the day,
and I look to the west where / the hills are darkening,
setting their shoulders to the night, / and the sky peppered with pillows
of mist, their bellies burnt / by the furnace of the sun.
And it is then that I notice / the invitation didn’t say, Come
armed with knowledge and a loud voice.
It only said, Come.
                               —“Come” by Andrew Colliver
          The invitation to join us for worship, for fellowship, for moral action in our communities is never qualified.  You are welcome to come as you are.  With all that you are.  No matter where you’ve been.  No matter the baggage that you carry.  Regardless of income, education, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability level, age, background. . . .  You are invited into God’s loving embrace.  You are invited into the quirky and questioning, open-minded and justice-seeking community that we embody as we seek to live ever more faithfully into who God is calling each one of us to be . . . and what God is calling us – as a community – to do.  You are invited.  Come!

See you in church,


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