We are a hospitality.

Living Stones

A group of grandmothers is a tapestry. A group of toddlers, a jubilance (see also: a bewailing). A group of librarians is an enlightenment. A group of visual artists is a bioluminescence. A group of short story writers is a Flannery. A group of musicians is — a band.

A resplendence of poets.
A beacon of scientists.
A raft of social workers.

A group of first responders is a valiance. A group of peaceful protestors is a dream. A group of special education teachers is a transcendence. A group of neonatal ICU nurses is a divinity. A group of hospice workers, a grace.

Humans in the wild, gathered and feeling good, previously an exhilaration, now: a target.
A target of concert-goers.
A target of movie-goers.
A target of dancers.

A group of schoolchildren is a target.
                     Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild” by Kathy Fish

          We know that there are things that desperately need to change in our world.  In God’s world.  In this world that God has entrusted to us to nurture.  This season of Lent gives us an extra invitation to open our hearts and to pay attention to those wrongs we have done, as well as the good we have left undone.  God calls us forward and asks, How might we recognize, celebrate, and support the light we find in everyone and everything around us?  And how might we bring healing and hope to all we encounter?
          I hope that each one of us arrives on Easter Sunday a different person than we were on Ash Wednesday.  And to make this happen, we will have prepare our hearts, exercise our spirits, strengthen our resolve, and draw support from our community.  We can do this!  We are not alone, no matter how lonely we may feel at times.  We always have a deep source of hope, no matter how hopeless we may feel at times.  We are called as creative agents of God’s grace and love, no matter how depleted we may feel at times. 
          We are a group of Christians from FCCV.  We are a hospitality.

See you in church,