What is Resurrection?

          May I, may you, may we / not die unlived lives.
          May none of us live in fear / of falling or catching fire.
          May we choose to inhabit our days, / to allow our living to open us,
          to make us less afraid, / more accessible, / to loosen our hearts
          until they become wings, / torches, promises.


          May each of us choose to risk our significance;
          to live so that which comes to us as seed / goes to the next as blossom
          and that which comes to us as blossom, / goes on as fruit.
              — Dawna Markova

Resurrection is resistance to injustice.  It is the refusal to lay down and die on command; the refusal to give up the struggle.  It is a single, small voice speaking Truth to sometimes overwhelming Power.  It is the wild cry of solidarity and deep compassion.  It is the collective challenge to systems and structures that crush our hope and tell us to carry on as usual.

Resurrection happens whenever we ask the unpopular question, “Why?!”  Whenever we summon forgotten courage.  Whenever we listen long enough to hear a shaking voice speak.  Whenever we overcome the odds.  Whenever we deny denial. 

Or to reference Dawna Markova’s poem, resurrection is the refusal to die an unlived life.  It calls us to open our lives and to take risks for things that matter.  It lures us toward nurturing those tender things in and around us that need gentle care and attention.  Resurrection is the promise that our lives have purpose—that God is not finished with us yet.

I invite you, in the days and weeks ahead, to notice the places of resurrection in your life.  How is resurrection at work in you?  I want to know.

See you in church,


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